Orlando Bloom Complains He and Katy Perry Don’t Have Enough Sex (Uh, We’d Settle For Once)

You’ve probably never felt sorry for Orlando Bloom – and we doubt this story will inspire any compassion now. The award-winning actor has dozens of movie credits to his name, two California homes, and a new baby with pop star Katy Perry. But leave it to the rich and famous to find something to complain about.

In a new interview with the Guardian, Bloom basically said that he and Perry don’t have enough sex. The exchange went down like this:

Reporter: “How often do you have sex?”

Bloom: “Not enough.”

To his credit, he added, “We just had a baby, though.”

Maybe someone should tell the Pirates of the Caribbean star that talking about your sex life – or lack thereof – in the press is a really good way to guarantee you don’t get any action for a good long while.

This kind of sounds like a situation where we should call Michelle Obama (who recently brilliantly deflected a similar question about her sex life in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel) in to teach Bloom how to keep his trap shut. After all, we, along with any other hot-blooded male on the planet, would be satisfied with just one romp with the sexy American Idol host.

Katy, when you finally dump this boob, hit us up. We’ll make you “Roar.” And we won’t kiss and tell.

Cover Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor (Getty Images)

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