Jimmy Fallon v. Jimmy Kimmel: Late Night Hosts Wage Pizza-Making War (Plot Twist: Stanley Tucci Is True Winner)

Late-night hosts have always been at war for your eyeballs. But now they’re battling it out for your tastebuds, too.

It all started when Jimmy Fallon posted a video on Instagram of himself making a very sloppy Neopolitan pizza, inspired by Stanley Tucci’s scrumptious travel/food show Searching For Italy.


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“You guys. I finished @StanleyTucci’s #SearchingForItaly and immediately tried to make the best pizza ever,” read the caption. The video shows Fallon rolling out the dough and topping it with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil. Then he used what appeared to be a waffle iron to cook it. When it was done, he took a bite. Based on his joyful jumping around the kitchen, it must have tasted pretty good.

But another late-night host, Jimmy Kimel, wasn’t satisfied. He posted his own pizza-making video. “Hey, Jimmy, it’s Jimmy. I saw your pizza-making video on Instagram, and it was pretty cute,” he said. “I know Stanley Tucci. He’s a friend of mine. And you, my friend, are no Stanley Tucci. Let me show you how to make a pizza, OK?”


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Kimmel proceeded to prepare the same style pizza, but he cooked his in a massive wood-fired pizza oven. He also insulted Fallon’s sauce brand, waffle iron, and dough prep skills. After taste-testing his pie, Kimmel declared it, “So much better than yours.”

While we could never render a verdict on whose pizza rules without savoring a slice of each pie ourselves, we have to admit that Kimmel’s pizza looked more authentic, better cooked, and tastier. He’s definitely more of a douche, though. We honestly wouldn’t want to share a ‘za with him. (He’d just criticize the way we ate later.)

Thankfully, this wasn’t just another dick-swinging contest disguised as a bake-off. Kimmel encouraged people to vote for either his or Fallon’s pizza pie-making skills by making a $5 donation to No Kid Hungry via text.

Ultimately, the real winner of this whole thing is Stanley Tucci – who gets to eat real Italian pizza made by the professionals, and whose new show deserves your attention more than those two clowns named Jimmy.

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