Stanley Tucci’s ‘Searching for Italy’ Is the Binge-Eating Road Trip We All Needed

Everyone is saying Stanley Tucci is having a moment (yep, another one). We’d like to think this moment started way back in 1996 when he wrote and directed the food-obsessed movie, Big Night, and hasn’t ended since. But to be fair, Tucci had never broken the internet…until now.

It all began with a classic cocktail. Just a few months after the lockdown hit last year, Tucci made a three-minute tutorial on how to mix the perfect Negroni in a simple effort to cheer up his wife’s co-workers. After his wife convinced him to post it on Instagram, the video exploded.

Now Tucci’s obsession for delicious food and drink has found the ultimate vessel: A show on CNN in which the lovable Tucci gets to eat his way through Italy. Lucky for us, we get to tag along with him. And it’s exactly the escape we’ve been looking for.

Much like Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun, we find ourselves falling in love again with Tucci as he whisks us through the culinary highlights of all 2o of Italy’s unique regions. Making us regret not a single pound of the Covid-19 we’ve put on since quarantine began. Thank you, Tucci, for making us feel beautiful.

But before you join Tucci on his Italian adventures by binge-watching his show while eating an entire box of cannoli, relive the “moments” that made Stanley Tucci the undisputed champion of cool. Buon appetito!

Cover Photo: CNN

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