Fit young man creatively using excess toilet paper rolls for home plank and pushups workout in the living room.

8 Inventive Ways to Get Enough Steps to Not Die Alone in Your Quarantine Hell

Once upon a time, health experts told us we needed 10,000 steps a day if we didn’t want to die very young and very suddenly in our sleep. Now, mostly thanks to quarantine lowering the bar on, well, everything, scientists have brought that number down to 4,400. Fist pump.

While that may seem like a win for the lazy guy in us all, it still adds up to a whole lot of steps. And with nowhere to go for the foreseeable future, 4,400 steps sounds like an impossible task. Not to mention, it’s hard to recall the point of staying fit when no one can see how chiseled our abs are from a (social) distance.

Although pandemic life can take a toll on your mental health, just remember things won’t always be this soul-crushing. For those better days ahead, full of sweaty dancing people and making out with strangers, it’s important to keep that bod bodacious. Luckily, we’ve developed Body by Mandatory (patent pending), the perfect home exercise regime for zenith peak optimum fitness. Here’s how to transform your claustrophobia-inducing home into a full-blown gym, so you can get enough steps to make it through your quarantine hell.

Cover Photo: MarianVejcik (Getty Images)

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