Ryan Reynolds Makes Masturbation Joke After David Beckham Trolls Him on Instagram (Don’t Get Into a Battle of Wits With This Guy)

Nobody does humor on social media quite like Ryan Reynolds. The Canadian actor is quick-witted, clever, and always gets a laugh (or an LOL or laughing emoji, we suppose). His latest hilarious quip was aimed at soccer star David Beckham.

It all started after Reynolds posted this Instagram pic.


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“I signed 100 bottles of @AviationGin for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Weird name for a person but tbh if that were my name, I’d drink that much too. #LCBO,” the Deadpool actor wrote.

“Wow that’s a sore wrist if I ever saw one,” Beckham commented alongside a laughing emoji.

Pro tip: Never try to roast Ryan Reynolds. Because he has clapbacks up the wazoo.

“I’ve intensely trained my wrist since I was 15. Wait… what are we talking about?” Reynolds replied.


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And…now we all have an image in our heads of Reynolds whacking off. Thanks, guys.

If you’ve missed Reynold’s snarky comments of old, check out our stories on how he trolled Queen Elizabeth II about her new gin line or how he pitted Aviation Gin against Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee. And whatever you do, don’t poke a stick at him, because he can give harder than he gets.

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