Ryan Reynolds Trolls Queen Elizabeth on Twitter After She Too Starts Own Gin Line

Back in July, we wrote about the official Buckingham Palace gin. We also mentioned that gin aficionado and (former) Aviation Gin owner Ryan Reynolds trolled the royal family by pre-ordering the spirit using his name, but the address of 1 Upsmanship Much Drive in the city of Notcoolington with the postal code of WTF FML.

Well, apparently now the Queen herself is launching a gin. It’s called Sandringham Gin, which is made using botanicals and herbs from Sandringham Estate (one of the Queen’s residences). The unique ingredients include Sharon fruit (also known as persimmon) and estate-grown myrtle plants. It’s selling for $67, but it’s currently only available in the United Kingdom. Of course, a new gin means the star of Deadpool is back for more tomfoolery.

The magazine Marie Claire tweeted a link to a story they wrote about the new gin and Reynolds responded accordingly. The title of the story was “The Queen Just Pulled a Ryan Reynolds and Launched Her Own Gin” to which the hilarious hero commented, “If she imposes a Gin Tax, I promise a revolution.” (In reference to the infamous tea tax that resulted in the Boston Tea Party.)

When it comes to humorous feuds between Reynolds and other celebrities (Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal), it’s hard to beat the Queen of England. Although he never wore a Queen Elizabeth mask under his Deadpool mask. Maybe we’ll see that in Deadpool 3.

Photo: Sandringham Gin

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