Meanwhile in Denver: Padres Fan Knocks Out Rockies Fan With One Punch, Most Exciting Thing to Ever Happen During a Baseball Game

Baseball games aren’t known for their non-stop action. They’re long, drawn-out, and boring. If we’re being brutally honest, they’re mostly an excuse to hang out with our buddies, eat bad hot dogs, and drink lukewarm beer.

But a recent Padres-Rockies game in Denver got very exciting very quickly when a fight broke out between fans from opposing teams – and it was all captured on video.

Actually, to call it a “fight” isn’t exactly accurate. That’s because a San Diego fan charged a Colorado man in the stands during the game – and knocked him to the ground with just one punch.

Fellow fans appeared to be rooting for the Rockies stan (understandable as this all went down at Coors Field in Colorado). They rushed to tackle the Californian and pin him down. It took several large men to contain him before the cops rushed in (always too little, too late). Meanwhile, others helped the Colorado man regain his bearings.

No charges were filed, nor do we have any idea what prompted the random act of violence. Only one question remains: Is it just us, or does this guy look just a little too pleased to be witnessing this dude getting pummeled?


Photos: Twitter and TikTok

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