Daniel Radcliffe Redefines Hand Guns in ‘Guns Akimbo’ Trailer, Harry Potter Sadly All Grown Up

Ever since he wrapped up the Harry Potter franchise nearly a decade ago, Daniel Radcliffe has made some increasingly bold acting choices. From roles in Horns or Victor Frankenstein to Imperium or Swiss Army Man, Radcliffe has tried to prove all of his range as an actor. Unfortunately, that also means that Harry Potter himself is officially all grown up. In his latest genre-defying role, Radcliffe plays a lovable loser who literally redefines the term “handguns” in the new trailer for Guns Akimbo. That’s not even a joke – he literally has handguns bolted to his hands.

As it turns out, this film is merely a way to harken back to the Harry Potter days with a modern, Americanized reenactment of the Triwizard tournament. In all seriousness, Guns Akimbo looks absolutely insane. It’s essentially what would happen if movies like Crank and Scott Pilgrim vs the World both took acid and had a baby. Although the film already premiered at last year’s Toronto film festival, the film is set for release stateside on March 5. While we wait to see what kind of madness Guns Akimbo has in store for us, here are some of the most entertaining and insane moments from the trailer.

Cover Photo: Saban Films

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