Rare First Edition Harry Potter Book Stolen

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday: a rare first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the Sorcerer’s Stone in the US), has been stolen along with 12 other notable books.

The thievery, which is said to have taken place between January 8 to 9, was done in SN Books in Thetford, Norfolk by two males. While the first edition Harry Potter book wasn’t the only thing stolen, it’s believed to be the most expensive one priced £40,000 or over $55,500 in today’s exchange rate. Also nabbed are a 1937 first edition of The Hobbit, a set of four first editions of Winnie the Pooh, a hardback signed first edition of Colour of Magic valued at £9,000 ($12,500), a paperback copy of Brief History of Time with a thumbprint signature from author Stephen Hawking, two first editions of the Gunslingers by Stephen King, a 1925 first impression of The Great Gatsby in a dark blue custom case, and an early 1800s sketchbook by an unnamed artist were among the things stolen.

The Norfolk Police have said that they are “urging people, especially book dealers or those working in specialist book shops, to be vigilant in case the books are offered for sale.”

Bummer. If only Harry Potter and the gang can use a summoning spell to get it, no? Let’s hope the books are recovered unscathed soon.

Source BBC


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