Woman Celebrates Turning 103 By Getting Her First Tattoo, Most Likely of a Werther’s Original Tramp Stamp

Photo: Teresa Zavitz-Jones

We’ve all had our moments of “cabin fever” in the last few months. This was especially true in the early days of the pandemic when the weather outside was still a bit iffy and we were stuck inside our homes. But, as spring turned to summer, we all begin spending more time outside (while social distancing). But, some of the older population hasn’t had the ability to get out and feel moments of normalcy. This was the case with Dorothy Pollack who decided that not only did she want to get out of her nursing home to celebrate her 103rd birthday, but she also wanted to get her first tattoo.

Part of the reason for this excursion was the fact that Pollack, like many people who have been stuck in quarantine for months, has been a little bored and depressed. Her family couldn’t come see her because of the potential of passing COVID-19 to her. Even phone conversations were difficult since, at over 100 years old, Pollack’s hearing isn’t what it once was.

“The nurse in the home said she was horribly depressed, and we needed to get her out,” her granddaughter Teresa Zavitz-Jones told CNN.

So, to celebrate her third birthday after reaching the century mark, she was allowed to leave her Muskegon, Michigan nursing home for a few hours. Instead of getting a bite to eat and buying some doilies (or whatever old ladies enjoy doing), she went to a tattoo parlor to get her first tattoo. And no, it wasn’t a Werther’s Original tramp stamp. It was a frog on her arm. Years ago, her grandson told her she should get a tattoo, but she wasn’t ready then. She is now.

But her big day out didn’t end with the trip to get some ink at a tattoo parlor. She also took a ride on the back of a motorcycle. Now that’s one cool grandma.

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