Woman Is So Proud To Be A Vegan She Gets It Tattooed On Her Face

Photo: CommerceandCultureAgency (Getty)

Are you a proud meat-eater? Are you willing to show how proud you are by getting it tattooed on your face? No? Maybe? Well one woman named Kate Bullen, known as Kate Alice, wanted to show everyone how proud she is of deciding to go the vegan route.

Kate, who is from the UK, took it to Facebook recently to show everyone that she’s a vegan. While I’m sure every server at every restaurant she’s attended since becoming a vegan already know, the tattoo on her face might make it that much easier.

Take a look at the ‘Vegan’ tattooed Kate put across the side of her face.

And as you can imagine people had a ton of opinions, with some being positive:

And some not so positive:

Jordan McCrea, the gal who did the tattoo on Kate, had this to say about all the negative backlash:

“So f*cking what if someone wants to get a vegan tattoo on their face? I nearly didn’t do this tattoo because I knew the reaction it would get but I thought f*ck what other people say, however I was correct and there have been people tagging their friends and having a good old laugh at the girl.”

Hey, Kate isn’t hurting anyone, and if she wants to get a big tattoo on her face that is her decision. I once considered getting a tattoo of pizza on me — not on my face, but still, people should know my love for it. No word yet on how Kate’s latest job interview went, though.


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