Here’s A 40 Car Pile-Up On A Michigan Highway

Photo: Craig van der Lende (Getty)

I barely want to walk down the street when it’s snowing outside, so I don’t understand folks who head out behind the wheel when it’s a winter wonderland out there. Then again, if you do decide to go out in those conditions just try not to end up in a massive pile-up like the one that occurred on a Michigan highway recently.

Jim Perreault, from Muskegon, was able to film the huge pile-up along southbound U.S. 31 as it occurred a few days earlier. Perreault opens the video explaining that he’s in the middle of a 30 car pile-up, but that number increases as more cars join the pile-up, even some hitting Perreault’s car.

Check out the crazy video below:

While no serious injuries were reported, three people in an SUV were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

According to Muskegon Township Police Chief David Wypa, the pile-up happened in the aftermath of a previous accident that was on the freeway shoulder, which created a chain-reaction crash.

Here’s the aftermath of the crash:

Wypa also added that no tickets have been issued so far and the crash is still being investigated.

h/t Mlive

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