Karen’s Diner Urges Patrons to ‘Unleash Inner Angry White Woman’ (Wait, Can’t They Do That Anywhere?)

Karens have taken the world by storm. From fuming in airplanes over mask mandates to having breakdowns among the Wonderbras in a Victoria’s Secret, angry, middle-aged white women are everywhere. Sure, we love to hate them just as much as you do. But we don’t want to emulate them.

A new restaurant in the UK encourages you to do just that, however. It’s called Karen’s Diner and it wants eaters to let their inner “white lady” out to rant over signature burgers like “The Basic Karen,” “The Fiery Karen” and “Karen’s Got Real Beef.” Poultry-lovers can nosh on “Karen’s Best Breast,” the eatery’s version of a chicken sandwich.

The Sheffield restaurant, which opens next month, boasts “rude waiters with non-existent manners” and fully expects patrons to go “full Karen, venting their anger and dismay at the world.”

“Get ready to live out your Karen dreams!” the company’s website exclaims.

This isn’t the first Karen’s Diner. The franchise already has a successful location in Sydney, Australia, and plans to open more in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Strangely, there are no Karen’s Diners forthcoming in the U.S. Perhaps that’s because you can go full Karen anywhere, anytime on American soil?

Photos: Karen’s Diner