A Tale of Two Karens: The Internet’s Ridiculous K-Word Conversation Continues, No Quarantine Can Stop a Karen

It was the best of times, it was the worst of Karens. Schools and businesses might be closed (unless you’re these idiots), but nothing stops a Karen from causing a scene during quarantine. In the ongoing debate as to whether the “K-word” is now the worst of slurs, we can only point to how ridiculous that level of white privilege is by sharing these stunning stories of Karens at their worst. Because, as we know, a Karen divided amongst itself cannot stand, which that’s why there are so many of them.

First, this woman who clearly needed a new phone but doesn’t even know how to actually speak to other humans without yelling and referring to them as “the mafia.” Looks like somebody isn’t fully aware of mental health awareness month.

The ease in which she transitions from perfectly calm, albeit annoying, customer to demon witch from hell is astonishing. Telsa doesn’t go from 0 to 60 that quickly! How this woman’s name could be anything other than a Karen (we’d allow Susan, too) would dare to defy science itself. Which is convenient because science seems to have taken a backseat anyway.


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The high-five at the end……

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And then, there’s this precious gift of a woman. While most people in her life might refer to her as “the shrew,” this type of Karen will stop at nothing to get what she wants (including literally stealing something out of a child’s hand). If you’ve ever seen a woman send back her drink at a bar and then tell someone they’re not very good at their job while one of her boobs hangs out, then you’ve met this woman (or a not-so-distant relative of hers). The matching haircut and attire show she was present as Exhibit A during the creation of “basic” and she very well may have a middle name of Karen to match her first name. That is so Karen!

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