The Joker President Trump

Who Said It: The Joker or President Trump?

By now you’ve seen the new trailer for the rebooted film, Joker. And no doubt it’s creeped you out to the edge of your seat while also stoking your curiosity in a way that only murderous sociopaths can. That kind of morbid curiosity that usually goes hand-in-hand with gawking at a car crash, watching a slasher movie, or consuming any form of political news coverage. While researching heavily into this new Joaquin Phoenix version of a classic, several noticeable similarities appeared within speech patterns and ideologies between his villainous character and President Trump. So we thought we’d challenge you with a quick game of “Who said it: The Joker or President Trump?” It’s harder than you’d think.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros. Images and Mark Wilson / Staff (Getty Images)

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