Burger King Giving Free Whoppers to Bronx Residents Sick of People Dancing on ‘Joker’ Stairs, Only Making Them Sicker

There’s nothing worse than having a landmark in your neighborhood appear prominently in a Hollywood movie because that destination is sure to draw flocks of loud, street-congesting tourists taking selfie after selfie. The latest annoying picture-taking location is the flight of stairs Joaquin Phoenix dances down in Joker as Gary Glitter sings “Rock and Roll Part 2.” This steep set of stairs is located between Shakespeare and Jerome Avenues in the Bronx. Ever since the movie was released in October 2019, the site has been inundated with selfie-takers, awkward dancers, and onlookers.

All of this social media-related congestion has really begun to annoy the local residents and people who use the staircase for its intended purpose. Burger King saw this and realized that, even though it can’t stop tourists from dancing like idiots up and down the stairs, they can at least support the local residents by giving them free food to ease their pain. They’re doing this by teaming up with Uber Eats to give a free Whopper to everyone who lives in the Bronx.

According to the promotional video, the giveaway is less about the foot traffic and more about the fast-food chain’s dislike of all clowns (specifically one named Ronald). Since we also hate clowns, here are a few GIFs of clowns being terrible.

Photo: Burger King

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