"Hin Ta" Landmark of Samui Island, Thailand.

Naked Tourist ‘Rubs Herself’ Against Sacred Rock Shaped Like Penis, Angering The Gods

Photo: Dejchai Kulawong (Getty)

If you travel to another country the least you could do is compose yourself a tad and show respect for their culture. Well the majority of Americans don’t do that, and one unknown woman crossed the line when she decided to strip naked and rub herself against a 12ft high sacred rock called Hin Ta – or Grandfather Rock.

The woman made her way to the island of Koh Samui in order to get a closer look at the rock shaped like a penis. And instead of just taking a look she decided to rub her naked body on it. And now the locals are pissed off.

Believe it or not, locals believe this penis rock holds the spirit of an old man, and now they want police to find the woman, arrest her and make her apologize for being disrespectful enough to rub her goods on a rocky penis.

Numerous locals were furious. Here’s what hotel boss Suriya Promsri said:

“Nobody should be naked in public here. That’s offensive. The police need to find her and prosecute her. It will warn other people not to disrespect the island.”

And resident Niwin Suksa had this to say:

“I felt very uncomfortable after seeing the picture. I want the police to take appropriate action to avoid this happening again. The grandfather rock has a long history and the people of Samui are proud of it.”

Daily Mail

The Hin Ta rock, a tourist attraction in the island, is found next to a smaller Hin Yai rock – the first resembles the male genitalia and the second female. Locals believe that an elderly couple sailed to the island to propose a marriage for their son but their boat was capsized in a storm causing them to lose their dowry.

Fearing the shame of turning up penniless, they are said to have leapt into the sea, before being reborn as two male and female rocks on the island.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the case of the naked tourist.

That said, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done while on vacation?