LA Earthquake at Stroke of Midnight on 50th Earth Day Is Mother Nature Saying ‘Stay the Eff in Your Room, Mama’s Enjoying Her Alone Time’

If Mother Nature hitting us with an earthquake at the stroke of midnight on Earth Day isn’t a clear indicator she’s enjoying her alone time, then wipe the quarantine tears from your eyes because the writing isn’t just on the wall; it’s written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror: Stay the f*ck inside!

Not only did Mother Nature give Los Angeles residents a long-overdue jolt at 12 AM on Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, she did so during one of the biggest global pandemics in modern history. Mama has had a month off to catch her breath in the form of starry nights, smogless skies and afternoon chardonnay rains, which is why she’s probably in no rush to have us back clogging up the freeways, littering latex gloves and coughing without covering. The 3.8-magnitude earthquake was a not-so-subtle reminder to stay in our quarantine nightmare while she cleans up our mess, lest she’ll be forced to tell our dad, and he’ll be pissed! Leave Mama Nature alone, she doesn’t want to see us.

Cover Photo: Gary S Chapman (Getty)

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