Celebrate 50 Years of Earth Day by Sustainably Watering Your Plants With Your Quarantine Tears

With 50 years of Earth Day under our belts, you’d think the world would be in tip-top shape, but that’s not quite the case. In a self-isolated world where our leaders don’t believe in science nor care about the environment, there is something you can do to make a difference. While staying home to allow the coronavirus to pass has given Mother Nature a much-needed vacation from our destructive ways, you can give back this year by planting a seedling, metaphorical or not, for growth in the years to come. Whether that’s a succulent resilient enough to withstand your inability to keep things alive or a low-water indoor Aerogarden that provides herb gardens at an accelerated rate close to where you cook, our Earth Day sustainable hack of the year is as easy as using all those quarantine tears to water your little green friends. Because if Mother Nature hitting you with an earthquake at the stroke of midnight isn’t a sign we’re not sure what is.

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Cover Photo: Davide Zanin (Getty)

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