Johnny Depp Joins Instagram, Saving the World From Completely Going to Hell

We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that the country is still under lockdown, the worst of us are coming out in droves, our president is still a total buffoon and we may be on the brink of the end of the world. But the good news is that Johnny Depp joined Instagram!


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Hello everyone… filming something for you now… gimme a minute

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The previously elusive Depp’s private life used to be shrouded in mystery. Despite the typical tabloid reports that are a part of every celebrity’s life, Depp has mostly kept to himself throughout his 30-plus-year career. That all changed last week when Depp announced to the world he was joining Instagram. At first, Depp posted a picture depicting himself in what looked to be a cave — because duh, he’s Johnny Depp — along with the caption: “Hello everyone…filming something for you now…gimme a minute.” Moments later, clad in his trademark way-too-many-accessories, he posted an 8-minute video in which he gave us, the little people, a bit of a pep talk.


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Collaboration with my dear friend @jeffbeckofficial . Link in Bio

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“I don’t think I’ve really ever felt any particular reason to [join social media] until now,” the former Gilbert Grape stated. “But now is the time to open up a dialogue, as the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused immeasurable tragedies and damage to people’s lives.”

He continued, urging his now 3.7 million followers to “Create something today that will benefit yourselves and others tomorrow. Do anything you think could be of use to brighten someone’s day. Draw, read, paint, think, learn, make a film on your phone, play an instrument if you play; if you don’t, learn.”

And then, in typical cool-guy-on-Instagram-fashion, he told us about a song he covered with Jeff Beck, John Lennon’s “Isolation.” “The song’s about isolation, fear and the existential risk to our world, so we wanted to give the song to you,” Depp offered. “We truly both hope in our own little way, it helps you get through these unusual times that we’re experiencing, even if it just helps to pass the time as we endure isolation together.”

The video had everything one could want in an Instagram post: vintage-y filters, candlelight, an abnormally attractive subject and more. This may have been Depp’s first foray into the unchartered waters of social media, but he certainly seems to have taken to it like (pardon the pun) a pirate.

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