DJ Krasinski Serves Up a Virtual Prom Kids Never Knew They Wanted, Brad Pitt Crashes the Party

If you bothered to go to prom when you were in high school, we’re going to bet you were disappointed. Overpriced tickets, uncomfortable clothes, cringey music, and lackluster food are trademarks of most high school proms. But John Krasinski, a modern hero if there ever was one, tried to rectify that experience over the weekend by DJing a virtual prom on his Some Good News YouTube channel.

Far from the embarrassing soiree thrown by your high school, Krasinski brought out the biggest stars to make the night special. Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper, Finneas, and Krasinski’s The Office costar Rainn Wilson all made appearances. In between renditions of Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker,” the prom showed footage of young people around the world, decked out and dancing with their “dates.” (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) As for Krasinski, he brought his stylish self, looking sharp in a bowtie, tux, and bright pink glasses. Golden streamers decorated his office, and he even had disco ball-like lighting. In other words: this was definitely cooler than anything you experienced in your teens.

The idea for a virtual prom was inspired by an Alabama high school senior, Marli Odgers, and her father. Because Odgers’ prom was canceled, her dad laid out her dress and a note asking for a dance. In a video that went viral, they swayed to “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts in the family’s living room. Odgers is just one of the teens who won’t be able to attend a real prom this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a very weird time, but each and every one of you are missing something and this is the least I could do and I couldn’t be more proud to do it,” Krasinski said in a prom recap video posted to his YouTube channel. It was definitely a party to remember, and a better prom than most teens would have had otherwise. And then Brad Pitt crashed the party.

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