Scientists Developing Human Organs in Animals, ‘Cats’ Musical Slowly Becoming a Reality

The idea of human-animal hybrids used to just be the stuff of nightmares, but now they’re closer than ever to becoming reality. Hiromitsu Nakauchi, a stem-cell biologist at the University of Tokyo, just got the green light to lead human-animal hybrid experiments (so now we all know who to blame when the world is overrun by psychotic donkey men). Scientists are developing human organs in the animals to be used in life-saving transplants. While this practice has been done for a while, they’ve never been able to grow an embryo past 14 months. With the restrictions now lifted, they’ll be able to grow these things to full maturity. Don’t get us wrong, we can appreciate the benefits science can give us, but before we start making super creatures that could wipe us out, maybe watch the trailer for Cats and tell us that’s not a horrible idea.

Photo: Greg Wood (Getty Images)

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