Apple AirPods

Hide and Go Leak: Apple’s Rumored Black AirPods Would Prove Losing Them to Be Easier

Photo: Apple

What’s the best way to make a tiny gadget harder to find? Make it wireless and paint that sucker black. Rumors are circulating that the new Apple AirPods will soon come in a sleek and slimming jet-black colorway, meaning you will have to use your bat senses to locate the little buds once you remove them from your ear.

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With the option of a wireless charging station and a juice-life that allegedly lasts twice as long as the previous incarnation, you may be able to find your missing AirPods by blasting your favorite tune and squinting your ears. Touting a price tag of $160, you can file this under expensive items that you’ll most likely have to buy twice. Add it to this list of eight things that are perpetually getting lost.

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