Over-the-Top Tech Gifts You Don’t Need But Definitely Want

Photo: Arne Viehmeister-Kerner / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Welcome to early December. For those of us who are responsible, it’s a time for meticulously planning of holiday events and enjoying the season. For the rest of us, it’s a time of scrambling to procure presents that don’t make us look like monsters. Either way, we’ve all been shopping recently, and we’ve all run into those tech gifts, those unnecessary toys that you can’t help but wonder about (and want to purchase for yourself).

Is the convenience worth it? How much would you actually use it? Wouldn’t it be better to save hundreds of dollars for something important? If we all answered these questions honestly, there probably wouldn’t be a market for such contraptions. Thankfully, none of us do. In the spirit of the holidays in its most twisted form, here is a set of 10 over-the-top tech gifts you don’t need but definitely want.

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