The Mandatory 2018 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Photo: Hyoung Chang / Contributor (Getty)

What would the holiday season be without a proper holiday gift guide? Mandatory has compiled a list of, you guessed it, mandatory gear items for the upcoming holiday season.

Several of the biggest names in tech have debuted new and exciting products in the past year. As always, a few of these ideas fell flat, but a fair number have found a place in our homes. From 3D printer pens, which provide new creative avenues for artists, to alarm clocks that simulate the sunrise in our bedrooms, there is no end to the new items perfect for holiday gift giving.

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To help you navigate on your holiday shopping, we’ve put together a gallery of 10 mandatory items that have quickly captured the attention of tech enthusiasts, which we highly recommend make it into the stockings or under the tree. Welcome to the Mandatory 2018 Holiday Gear Gift Guide.


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