Holiday Gift Guide | Give the Gift of Being Well Groomed

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There are a number of reasons why grooming gifts make some of the best presents around. For starters, they are relatively inexpensive. While bath products can absolutely periodically carry a steep price tag, for the most part a luxe lotion, great beard oil or eccentric soap will generally only run you about $5-20. What we especially love is that these products are small – meaning you can absolutely buy, wrap and toss in your luggage to bring back to the friend in your hometown. Just remember, liquids and gels – put them in your checked bags, but soaps and solids, put them in the carry on.

Mens bath and body products have also increasingly shown some of the best graphic design around. That’s right – you’re not just buying a tube of shaving cream or tub of body wash, you’re giving a pretty cool piece of art to have laying around the bathroom. Products by C.O. BigelowJack Black and Salt & Stone are not only useful, they look good on the counter.

If you’re looking to give the gift of every day use, but are willing to spend a bit more money, we have something for that too. Little did we realize that our nail clippers are totally subpar. It was only after discovering the Ultimate Clipper by Klhip, with an $80 price tag, that we determined that we absolutely need finger nail clippers that we will not only use, but will admire in the drawer (they nearly look like art.) Meanwhile the absolute essential for every guy, whether they do with facial hair or sans, is a great razor. The 5190cc Electric Foil Shaver by Braun is a modern feat of development. It not only works on dry skin or wet, but has it’s own self-cleaning holder. Yes, please. Equally interesting, especially for the Star Wars fan in your life, is the Philips Norelco SW9700 that sports a special edition Star Wars “Dark Side” look.

Where should you put all this new fabulous swag? In a travel-friendly dopp kit of course. These small totes are key for when you’re heading out of town, but also really useful for straightening up the bathroom to stay organized. We especially like the versions from Herschel Supply Co. and Dsptch.