Holiday Gift Guide | Give the Ultimate (Edible) Gift

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There may not be a better present than the one you can eat. But, we did not curate this list for anyone who is hungry. We made this list for those of us who have friends, family and significant others who are… foodies.

Foodies are a different type of human. They not only eat because they’re hungry, they eat, very deliberately, because they want to experience food. The challenge to impress them is no doubt steep, but we think we can help you in what gifts to give the foodie in your life.

Some foodies have a sweet tooth. If they do, we recommend cupcakes, but not ones you just buy, ones that you buy and make. Red Velvet NYC strives to not only deliver you great desert, but they give you the ingredients to make it yourself. The amazing thing about that is that if you like it, duplicate the recipe!

Meanwhile if the loved one in your life needs a little spice in their life, we can help. The Salt of the Month Club by Jacobsen Salt will open your mind and your pallet to the many variations of a product you thought had one variation. Fair mistake.

No matter what you strive to give, we have you covered. From the Sunday Bloody Mary aficionado to the ice cream bandit, the cheese monger to the sauce savant, when you have a foodie to feed, do it well, and, quite honestly, you can do it very affordably.