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The Mandatory Holiday Gift Guide to Being an Effortlessly Perfect Boyfriend or Husband

Remember Ginger Rogers? Of course you don’t. You’re too young. She was an incredible performer and notoriously did everything her dancing partner Fred Astaire did but “backwards and in high heels.” Well, your girlfriend or wife is even more amazing than Ginger Rogers. Even if she doesn’t wear high heels, she likely juggles 10,000 more things than you do every day – and for less pay, respect, and appreciation.

The holidays are your opportunity to make it up to her. The world is cruel and rough on women. You, however, will not be. You will be kind and generous and pamper her and spoil her until she is sick of being so doted upon. (Pro tip: she will never get sick of being doted upon.) How will you do this? With gifts. And we’ve rounded up 10 of ‘em that’ll make you Man of the Year in her mind and heart. So get your credit cards out, fellas, and prepare to drop some dough. She deserves it. This is the Mandatory holiday gift guide to being an effortlessly perfect boyfriend or husband.

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