Wild Manimal: The Latest Tech for the Adventurous Outdoorsman

Photo: Marco Bottigelli (Getty Images)

Spring is just around the corner and that means adventure awaits. Whether you are camping with friends or going for a high altitude mega-hike, survival is always in the front of your mind. Like any savvy outdoorsman, you are more comfortable with an axe in your hand than a cell phone. You enter the great outdoors with an appetite more ferocious than an Icelandic strongman before breakfast. While others are catching colds, you are catching wild game — either with your bare hands or the spear that you just fashioned out of wild reeds and a branch.

As an outdoorsman, you are always striving for the perfect survival pack. Forget Boy Scouts. You are a Man Scout. Charge into the wild prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you with the most essential gear for your adventure arsenal.

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