New Time-Lapse Shows Off Elon Musk’s ‘Disturbingly Long’ Tunnel

Photo: Elon Musk Twitter

A new 30-second time-lapse shows a nearly completed version of Elon Musk‘s long-talked-about Los Angeles tunnel built specifically for the city’s depressed commuters.

The short video shows a rear-view perspective of the vehicle that travels at breakneck speeds of nearly 150 miles per hour from one end to the other, which is as quick as Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster. Piping and cement are just about the only things you see other than one of the two stations where passengers will board when the tunnel becomes publicly available on Dec. 10, as well as Boring Company logos that serve to remind you who you should thank for cutting down your commute times.

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Although not visible in the video, the vehicle will be able to house up to 16 passengers at $1 per ride. Musk has dubbed it the “Boring Co Tunnel” in reference to the name of the company that rendered its construction. It runs for two miles across 120th Street in Hawthorne, an extremely traffic-ridden area of Los Angeles. Located directly next to SpaceX and Tesla’s headquarters, the tunnel will provide expedited travel for both workforces along with people who similarly work in the area.

This tunnel is just the beginning of solutions proposed by Elon Musk that will tackle the growing traffic problems in the United States. His proposed Hyperloop, which will use pressurized tubes and air bearings to move people between major cities, will travel much quicker and for far greater distances

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Elon Musk appears fascinated by tunnels and hopes to build more of them, only held back by the incredibly high cost of boring and drilling through meters of dense rock.