Tesla CEO Elon Musk Ventures Into Tequila Territory

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP (Getty Images)

Would you drink a tequila made by Elon Musk? The CEO of Tesla has been pretty busy taking the automotive world by storm yet managed to bring affordable flame-throwers to the masses and still had time to smoke marijuana on Joe Rogan’s podcast. But Musk’s newest idea might be the strangest yet. He’s developing a Tesla-themed tequila.

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Musk originally announced the venture on April Fools’ Day, but “Teslaquila” is no joke. He recently retweeted a CNBC Tweet showing a link to the Teslaquila trademark.

A subsequent tweet all but guaranteed the eventual release of the spirit with a mock-up of the potential bottle label featuring the famous Tesla logo.

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In a market saturated with celebrity-endorsed spirits, is there room for one more? Maybe not, but the cult of Tesla is pretty strong and this tequila will probably be in high demand. Love him or hate him, Musk never comes at anything without 100 percent focus. At the very least, he’ll just get some famous tequila-maker to craft it for him before he slaps his name on it.