8 Things You Can Do With A Flamethrower Now That Elon Musk Has Sold $5 Million Worth Of Them

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Elon Musk is ahead of the curve, folks. Not only does he want people to get anywhere in the world in an hour, but he also is trying to prevent killer robots from ending the world. And as for the latter, perhaps flamethrowers will help?

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That’s right, everyone, Musk and his team created a fully functioning flamethrower, and believe it or not Musk’s company, called The Boring Company, has already reeled in $5million in revenue, which means people out there are buying a flamethrower for some reason.

Hours later, Musk even shared how many flamethrowers had been sold:

And according to The Verge, at $500-per-unit price point, total sales have generated over $5 million in revenue for The Boring Company. And as a cherry on top, the pre-sale of 3,000 branded fire extinguishers for $30 each adds about an extra $100,000 to that figure.

But why the hell would someone want a flamethrower? Well here are eight things you can do with a flamethrower.

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