Target Creates Phallic Christmas Cookie, All the Karen Moms Boycott Santa’s Holiday Surprise

2020 might be the holiday season of desserts either referencing or looking like male genitalia. First, there was the English grocery chain that launched an item called “Santa’s Yumnuts,” a donut hybrid that not only had the cheeky name but was adorned with rather provocative Santa suit-inspired frosting that included an oddly placed, rather suggestive belt buckle. More recently, Target released Santa Clause cookies that, when placed in order, look like the full body of the jolly elf. But when separated, the boots look slightly similar to something a little more phallic than we’re used to during the holidays.

While thinking it’s anything but boots is pushing it, the cookie definitely doesn’t look like a candy cane. In the simplest terms, it looks like what we can only assume is Santa’s bathing suit area. While you really need to have genitals on the mind to actually see it, that didn’t stop some people from complaining.

According to the New York Post, a mother in Tennessee name Nicole Miller purchased some of the cookies at her local Target only to get home and realize, to her shock, that the cookies are quite suggestive. She shared the images of the lewd cookies to a Facebook group and claims that other “moms” saw that pornographic pastry as well.

Apparently, many said that they couldn’t comprehend how nobody saw this questionable cookie before it was made available in stores. But a few cranky Karens won’t stop the cookies from being sold as Target says that literally nobody has openly complained about the cookie so far. Maybe, instead of going on social media and complaining about a cookie that only looks sexual to someone who just wants to see penises everywhere they should just eat some (cookies) and relax.

Photo: Target

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