Trending Holiday Donut Has Very Unfortunate But Funny Santa Scrotum-Themed Name Given to It

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. While it seems like summer just ended, it’s firmly in our rearview and quickly getting farther away every day. We’re already in the weird time period between Halloween and Thanksgiving. You know, the time when streaming services start dropping Christmas movies left and right and we’re just not sure we’re ready to watch them yet. It’s also the time of year when holiday decorations and foods begin to appear on store shelves. You know what that means, right? Strange holiday food aplenty. The first one just happens to be a reference to Santa’s anatomy.

Who wouldn’t want a taste of Santa’s Yumnut, right? While it seems like a name of a fictional seasonal treat from Family Guy or The Simpsons, it’s actually a real new food item from our friends across the pond.

British supermarket Marks & Spencer knew exactly what they were doing when they first dropped hints of this new festive, donut hybrid on social media last week. For the record, the name is a combination of a donut and a deep-fried pastry called a Yum Yum. So, it’s kind of like the cronut, but not.

And, while calling it a Yumnut would be cheeky enough, the addition of Santa makes it even better. If you want to take a bite out of Santa’s Yumnut, which is adorned with frosting added to resemble Santa’s belt (yes, really), you can’t. That is, unless you’re reading this in England or planning a trip there (are we allowed to fly there?).

Photo: Marks & Spencer

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