California Couple’s Halloween Decorations So Frightening, Someone Called the Cops (And 8 Other Ridiculous Halloween Decs)

When it comes to Halloween decorations, some people throw up a few spooky window decals and put some orange lights on their front bushes and call it good. Others take the holiday really seriously. This is the case with a couple in Riverside, California. Their decorations were so elaborate, people actually got so scared that they called the police.

Carmen and Travis Long created a Halloween scene at their house so realistic that it looks like their house is on fire. The whole thing is a skeleton pirate battle, and the decorations are so elaborate, the first floor appears to be on fire and even has smoke billowing out into the night.

Not surprisingly, a passerby called 911 in fear that the house was literally burning down. While this display is pretty crazy, it’s just one of many over-the-top Halloween setups around the country. Below you’ll find some of our favorites.


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