The McRib is Back (Again), We Attempt to Mansplain the Appeal of This Strange Sandwich

The McRib is like Brigadoon, the mythical Scottish town that only appears for one day every 100 years. Except, the McRib only shows up randomly and in select locations all over the map. In fact, historically, it would have been easier to find a fictional quaint Scottish village that disappears into fog than a McRib sandwich.

Since 1982, when the McRib was released, it was only available in random locations throughout the country. There are even websites designed to help you find your nearest McRib. But, for the first time in eight years, McDonald’s is releasing this infamous sandwich nationwide. You’ll have to wait a month though because it’s not coming back until Dec. 2.

Since it’s once again returning to menus, we’ve done our best to try to explain just what its appeal is. Why does it keep coming back? Why are people so fanatical about it? Check out our explanation below.

Photo: David Paul Morris (Getty Images) 

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