Biden-Batman Mashup: Trump Is the Joker Sequel America Does Not Need

We’re finally here. We’re at the precipice of the election cycle. It’s Election Day and it can go one of two ways. Either Donald Trump is once again elected and America continues down the dark, strange, embarrassing path it’s on and the rest of the world continues to scratch its collective head wondering what is wrong with our country. Or the people can elect Joe Biden and American can return to some semblance of normalcy and calm, and the rebuilding of the destruction of the last four years can begin.

In the simplest terms, Joe Biden is Batman, a man who didn’t really want the spotlight, but is here to shine a light on the darkness. That would make Trump The Joker, a maniacal wild card who just wants to see the world burn.

That’s why everyone should watch the recent YouTube mashup called #DarkKnightBiden. It all starts with Trump as The Joker saying, “The world is an angry place. The world is a mess. What, you think this gonna cause a little more anger? The world is as angry as it gets.”

While it’s obviously skewed politically toward Biden, it makes a great point. It’s all about people losing hope and trying to figure out who to turn to. What follows are images of Black Live Matter marches, images of Biden’s rise to become the Democratic nominee, and images of people striving for civil rights throughout America’s history, all narrated by Commissioner Gordon as he talks about how Batman (Biden) is, “Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed.”

So, use the message of this video and get out and vote this Election Day. Use your right to make the change you want to see. It’s on you to help change the course of American history.

Photo: YouTube (Depth Charges)

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