Meanwhile in Florida: Man Invents Robot to Insert Contact Lenses, We All Know How This One Ends

If you’re a person who wears contacts, you know the struggle of inserting them every morning and removing them every night. You also know the horror of waking up in the middle of the night, realizing you forgot to take them out only to find them pasted to your eyes. Peeling them off feels like you’re peeling off a layer of your eyeball. In the simplest terms, it’s awful. That’s why it’s so important to always remove your contacts before you go to bed. But, as difficult as it is to insert and remove your contacts, seeing life through these lenses is made even more difficult if you have dexterity issues that make the whole process daunting.

That’s exactly what prompted a Florida man to invent a robot that inserts and removes your contacts for you. Craig Hershoff wears special contacts called scleral lenses that are used for keratoconus and other eye problems. He also has dexterity issues that make putting in and removing contacts difficult.

The robot was created not only to help Hershoff but for elderly patients and anyone else with dexterity or difficulty with the contact lens process. It uses suction cups to insert and remove contacts and is in the process of undergoing clinical trials with the hope that it will eventually be on the market in the next year.

While we’re sure Hershoff designed a robot that will help many people, we can’t help but see this is the beginning of a horror movie where people get their eyeballs sucked out of their heads or pushed back into their skulls by a maniacal robot bent on global domination.

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt (Getty Images)

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