FBI Searching For Women Who Dressed As Nuns In An Attempt To Rob A Bank

Nun with gun and cross. Photo: suricoma (Getty).

Growing up in the Catholic church, a strict set of rules was burned into my brain as the go-to, unbreakable guidelines necessary to live a good life. The Ten Commandments stood as the absolute list of orders to abide by, and if I you didn’t, then you’d have a one-way ticket to Hell when your time came.

Well, I’m not the greatest Catholic, because I’ve basically broken most of those commandments, some of which by writing daily on this website. I’m not concerned, though, because there are people who are far worse than me and already stamped their tickets to Hades. Like these ladies right here…

Women Dressed As Nuns Tried Robbing Bank

According to a story from the New York Daily News, a group of women apparently threw on some garments meant for devotion to God and tried to get their hands on some cold, hard cash.

The two holy hostiles entered a Citizens Bank in Pennsylvania earlier this week in an attempt to force bankers to fill their donation baskets at gunpoint. The sisters didn’t make off with any cash for their efforts because they got spooked off when one of the tellers pulled an alarm, making the nuns split for the exit.

The suspects haven’t been caught, and the FBI is assisting local authorities in tracking them down. We can only assume the investigation includes shaking down churches for rogue sisters.

There’s no telling why these ladies would pull such a daring robbery attempt in these getups. They might be big fans of The Town, which included an armored truck robbery with dudes dressed as nuns. Unfortunately for them, these nuns weren’t packing like the ones in the movie.

This is just speculation on our part, but we’re guessing she was somehow involved: Here’s A Nun Hauling Ass Down A Hill On Her Bike