The ‘Bird Box’ Challenge Isn’t Even The Dumbest Social Media ‘Challenge’ To Date

Photo: Paras Griffin (Getty Images for Netflix)

If you haven’t watched Bird Box on Netflix, you’re already behind on 2019. If you haven’t taken part in the “Bird Box Challenge”? Congratulations, you move to the top of the year’s food chain.

The Sandra Bullock horror flick is getting wide acclaim for its ingenious storytelling, part of which involves blindfolds. But, not like that.

If the movie’s characters open their eyes, and see what’s terrorizing the Earth, they die. Thus, the ridiculous aforementioned “challenge” has been born, with people blindfolding themselves, hitting the record button, and attempting to do somewhat dangerous activities blind.

It’s reached a point where Netflix had to put out a warning, discouraging people from blindfolding themselves and putting themselves, and others, in danger.

Here’s one collection of fails.

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But, it hasn’t all been bad. A USC long-snapper named Jake Olson used the challenge to show off his flawless execution while blindfolded. It’s fun.

So, while dumb, the “Bird Box Challenge” hasn’t actually been the worst of its kind. In fact, it’s not even close.

Below are five other social media challenges we wish were erased from humanity’s past.

5. Keke Challenge

It’s Drake, we get it. But you don’t have to be a genius to understand that getting out of a rolling vehicle in the middle of the street is dangerous. Don’t Drake and drive, friends.

Note: the beginning of the YouTube video below shows a woman who appears to be hit by a vehicle. This clip has been proven fake.

4. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

A celebrity seemingly gets lip injections so the world attempts to copy her, even just for five minutes? Sounds like millennial America, even if the side effects include pain, swelling, bruising, scarring, and permanent disfigurement.

3. Bills Fire Table Challenge

This is really just a “challenge” among drunk Buffalo Bills fan, but one of the most egregiously stupid in existence. I guess when you live in upstate New York and the only thing you have to look forward to is a losing football team, might as well throw yourself on top of a table and set yourself on fire?

2. Tide Pod Challenge

Now we’re getting into the real Darwin Award winners. Ingesting known poisons into your body and expecting to not go to the emergency room?! Just because it looks like a giant ball of Lucky Charms doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste like chemicals that will burn through your jaw, smarty pants.

1. Condom Snorting Challenge

Step 1: Unroll a condom and stuff it up one side of your nose. Step 2: Plug the other nostril and inhale until the latex slides into your throat. Step 3: If you haven’t suffocated yourself to death, reach back with your fingers and pull the jimmy from your mouth. Step 4: Commit yourself. We didn’t show this video on purpose because it’s disturbing and mega gross.

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Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory