The Latest ‘Teen Challenge’ Has Kids Camping Out In Restaurants And Stores

Photo: Rick Saez (Getty Images)

Hey, at this point, as long as they’re not huffing condoms or ingesting laundry detergent, I guess it’s a step in the right direction.

According to the New York Post, there’s a new sheriff in town in terms of crazy online challenges teens are doing either in an effort to net a few thousand view on their YouTube channels or because they’re absolute morons.

This time around? You guessed it – they’re trying to hide out in stores like Walmart and random restaurants without getting busted by employees. It’s called the “24-hour overnight challenge,” and there are now more than 1.6 million different results that populate on YouTube when you search for it.

Check out this winner, for example:


We were throwing ideas around the Mandatory office as to why putting yourself through these ridiculous challenges has become such a phenomenon, and my initial guess was that people are bored. Think about it. Why would you film yourself snorting a fucksock if you had anything else better to do?

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But after watching this clown do his thing, it’s obvious that the answer is that it’s all about going viral and getting people to “spam” or share your videos in hopes of gaining fame or money through ad revenue.

Although if I was this guy, I’d leave out the part where you tell everybody that you were scared of somebody working at Walmart next time you sleep on a 12-pack of Quilted Northern. Just saying, what good is online fame in the form of a few million hits if you destroy every ounce of your street cred in the process?