The Latest Challenge For Idiots Involves Snorting Condoms

Photo: vadimguzhva (Getty Images)

Forget waiting 500 years for people in the United States to become worthless bags of turds like Mike Judge predicted in Idiocracy. Sadly, that time is already upon us.

According to USA Today, there is a new challenge that American kids who are bored out of their fucking minds are recording themselves doing, and just like the challenge’s predecessors such as the “Tide Pods Challenge” and one in which you chow down on a slug, this one has the ability to some damage.

So just what are the kids up to these days? Yup, you guessed it – snorting condoms.

Believe it or not, dipshits across the country are condoms, jamming the tips up one of their nostrils and then snorting away like they only have 30 seconds to do all of the cocaine in the world. Here’s a clip of the “phenomenon” in its infancy stages back in 2013.

Yeah, awesome.

Why? Please Don’t Let The ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ Become A Thing

Not surprisingly, huffing condoms doesn’t come without the chance of doing some serious damage to yourself. Bruce Y. Lee, a Forbes contributor and associate professor of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, says that these idiots run the risk of damaging the sensitive inner lining of their noses, causing an allergic reaction or getting an infection.

No word if the Doomsday Clock has ticked one minute closer to midnight now that the condom-snorting challenge is in full swing, but our guess is one more challenge like this, and the thing will probably just instantaneously combust.