Prostitute Swallows Client’s Condom To Hide Evidence

Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz (Getty)

I want you guys to know that we do everything in our power to bring you important, groundbreaking news every single day. So let us take this moment to tell you about a prostitute who swallowed a condom.

A 48-year-old Vietnamese hooker only identified as Dang was recently found guilty of perjury after misleading police following a crackdown on sex workers. But how did she mislead them? Simple: she swallowed her client’s condom in order to hide evidence.

According to Metro, her client, only known as Yao, admitted to police that he and Dang were having sex when police smashed through the door of the health spa they were hooking up in. In the middle of the chaos, Dang removed the condom from Yao and swallowed it.


Officers searched the room after finding a condom wrapper and later reported that she was constantly asking for water. She was taken to Jen-Ai Hospital in neighboring Taichung City where scans revealed a ‘shadow’ in her chest, which police believed was the condom.

As a result, they were never able to formally charge Dang with destruction of evidence. Doctors at the facility said the woman – had she really swallowed the condom as suspected – risked having the rubber lodged in her upper respiratory tract or somewhere in her digestive system, which would require surgery to extract in the future. However, it could also be digested without obstruction.

Dang was only jailed for two months for lying to a local court after saying she didn’t have sex with her client, but will not be punished for destroying evidence because that condom was never found. So I guess her risky and gross move paid off.

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