Netflix Unveils New Mobile-Only Streaming Plan

Photo: Daisy-Daisy (Getty Images)

Netflix doesn’t think we are on our phones enough. The streaming giant has unveiled a mobile-only subscription in parts of Asia. Experts are speculating to what this might mean for the U.S. market. Is this ground-breaking, inexpensive (around $4 a month) offer a way to make inroads in developing markets or is it a beta testing ground for its 137 million subscribers (58.5 million of whom are in America)? 

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So far, Netflix is playing coy. What is obvious is that the Los Gatos, California company is currently investing a ton of money in original content in Asia, especially India, where it’s releasing eight new Netflix Original movies and one new series.

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Netflix is notorious for switching up their business model (DVDs to streaming) and subscription services, so testing a lower-priced product out on an emerging market seems like a smart move that checks off a couple of boxes.

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Since we’re already binging on shows like Haunting of Hill House on our phones, mobile screens seem like the next battlefield in the multi-billion dollar streaming wars that Netflix is waging with Amazon, Hulu, HBO NOW, and so many others.