Netflix VS. Hulu: Who Has The Better Original Programming?

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We’ve done the “who’s better” showdown between Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, but that was in 2015 when life made sense. Now we’re fascinated by who has the better original content between Netflix and Hulu. We know Netflix is the heavy favorite in terms of its amount of content, stand-up comedy specials and ability to suck us into a good old fashioned TV bender, but when it comes to original content, it’s not so clear who the best TV service is. It’s definitely not cable!

We put Netflix’s top dogs in the streaming fight up against Hulu’s in the cage match of original content. Breaking it up into categories covering what’s hot, best dramas, funniest comedies (boys and girls), political dramas, cartoons and crime shows, we think we can get down to the bottom of this debate pretty quickly. Beneath each category is our two contenders with Netflix’s contender named first and then Hulu’s, along with the winner in bold.

And honestly, we could put a few of Netflix’s up in each category, but we made some bold decisions on which was the better series to throw down against Hulu. Now have a look at our picks for best original programming between Netflix and Hulu and see if you agree with some nasty comments afterward in that little box that allows you to voice your opinions.

Netflix VS. Hulu: Who Has The Better Original Programming? 

So yeah, Netflix crushed it. Big surprise? Not really. Try harder, Hulu.

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