Alexa VS. Siri: Who Is The Girl For You?

Photo: FOX

When it comes to our lazy, couch-driven lives, there exists a number of virtual assistants who can wait on our beck and call, but only two female voices ring true in our minds: Siri and Alexa. While both are relatively new to our lives, Siri seems to have a bit of an OG placement on our phones, whereas Alexa is the new girl on the block. But one thing is for certain: These two cannot coexist. So who’s it going to be?

We’re taking you through the virtual assistant love matching game, modern tech gauntlet of medieval brutality (only in terms of honesty) to find out which of these two gals is the girl for us. Is it going to be Apple’s firstborn, Siri, or perhaps the Amazon’s adopted algorithm, Alexa? We break it down into categories with anything from how they are in the car to how well they hold a conversation, sass and sexy talk, as well as musical taste and reliability. By the end, we’ll have to pick one, but deep down we both know that, no matter what, we’re terrified they have the ability to burn our lives to the ground.

Alexa VS. Siri: Who Is The Girl For You?

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