bananas verge of extinction

Are Bananas On The Verge Of Becoming Extinct?

Still life with bananas and pocket watch. Photo: Tetra Images (Getty)

Is a currently inedible banana found on the outskirts of Madagascan forests the answer to saving the yellow fruit we have come to enjoy in our bowls of Cheerios and use as a measure against cramping during marathons?

According to the Daily Star, that specific banana can only be found on five trees across the world. However, since it hasn’t been attacked by the Panama disease wreaking havoc on Asia’s banana crop, scientists are hopeful they possess a genetic trait that wards off the decomposition. With any luck, it can be incorporated into our version of the fruit so future generations enjoy their deliciousness.

Plus, without them, there’d be nothing to argue over: Internet Clashes Over Proper Way To Peel Banana

If scientists don’t act fast, the entire banana crop as we know it could be wiped out. And if activists can’t prevent the destruction of forests in Madagascar, scientists might not be able to get their hands on said bananas. Without proper testing, as well as potential crossbreeding, we could be headed towards a slippery slope.

In the meantime, banana enthusiasts in America need to hope Panama disease doesn’t find its way here. If that happens, we’d have to find a new way to combat our cramping and nose bleeds. Time is of the essence.


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