Bartender Approved: 8 Drinks Bartenders Order On Their Nights Off

Photo: Santiago Iñiguez / EyeEm (Getty Images)

As glamorous as it might seem to you as you stroll into your favorite cocktail bar on a Friday night, bartending is hard, demanding work. Your favorite mixologist works long hours deep into the night day after day while crafting high-quality, creative, delicious cocktails for you and your friends. They get tired, they get annoyed, but they always serve up those drinks and smile pleasantly and ask you how you’re doing. Overall, regardless of what’s going on in their lives, they get the job done.

But, just like you, they enjoy a night off from the stress and high pressure of crafting cocktails. On these occasions, they visit their favorite cocktail bars and order their favorite drinks. We asked a handful of well-known bartenders to let us in on what exactly they order when they have a night off. You can check out all of their answers below.

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