big lebowski

20 Years of Knowing The Dude(s) From ‘The Big Lebowski’ Has Vastly Improved Our Lives

Photo: Gramercy Pictures

Twenty years of anything is a long time, unless it’s with The Dude from The Big Lebowski. But it’s not just Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski who keeps those memories warm, but all the dudes from the movie, from John Goodman and Steve Buscemi to John Turturro and our late great favorites, Philip Seymour Hoffman and David Huddleston. Not to mention some of our favorite leading ladies of the ’90s, Julianne Moore and Tara Reid. And who could forget Flea’s random appearance?

We’re rounding up our favorite quotes and moments from the 20-year-old masterpiece, one that would shape an entire generation of robe-wearing, White Russian-glugging, wise-ass movie lovers. From bowling and weed to drinking and…weed, we’re celebrating the anniversary of anniversaries here. Do you abide?

The next time you have the chance to make a drink and sit back for a quick flick, are you going to keep drinking your sarsparillas and watching reruns of Bridget Jones’s Baby? Or will you join Jeff, John and “fuckin’ Donny” for a night of good dude-liness? We think the choice is clear. If not, this GIF below of John Turturro should help. Do you abide?

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