Together at Last: Ben and Jerry’s Creates Whiskey-Based Ice Cream, And That’s All Folks, Goodnight!

Photo: Ben & Jerry’s 

We love whiskey and we love ice cream. Put them together and you’ve got a real winner. We enjoy them together so much that we’ve been known to pour a dram of whiskey over our favorite French vanilla ice cream. Don’t believe that it’s the most amazing experience of your life? Try it and you’ll see. You won’t ever want to eat ice cream sans booze again. Perhaps you don’t have random bottles of whiskey laying around to pour onto your ice cream. Well, lucky for you Ben & Jerry’s just collaborated with fellow Vermonter WhistlePig to make a whiskey-centric dessert treat.

Ben & Jerry’s has been making Vermont famous for decades with its creamy concoctions, tie-dyed T-shirts, and laid-back style. In recent years, WhistlePig with its highly regarded rye whiskey has had the same effect on booze fans. That’s why it should come as no surprised that the two companies came together to develop a whiskey ice cream.

It’s called “Whiskey Biz” and it’s the highlight of a new series of seven different ice creams the company is referring to as its “Topped” line. These ice creams are all topped (get it?) with a soft later of chocolate ganache.

Whiskey Biz has a base of brown butter bourbon ice cream with blonde brownie chunks, and caramel swirls mad from WhistlePig’s six-year-old Piggyback Rye. It’s topped with white chocolate ganache and white fudge. Also, in case you were wondering, it doesn’t actually contain any alcohol.

This flavor (and the other “Topped” flavors) are currently available nationwide. But, if it sounds too busy and you do happen to have a pint of vanilla ice cream and a bottle of whiskey, you can always just combine the two and get a nice ice cream buzz and then take a nap.

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